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Office Manager

Ruth V. Fry
(410) 332-8876

Office Managing Partner

Charles O. Monk, II

Vice Office Managing Partner

Michelle N. Lipkowitz

Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr's Baltimore Office is located in Lockwood Place, one of the city's most prestigious addresses in the Inner Harbor. Located close to all courts and governmental agencies in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, including the state capital, Annapolis, the office is conveniently within minutes of I-95, Baltimore's rail station, and Baltimore-Washington International Airport, placing it within easy reach of the I-270 technology corridor, Washington D.C., and northern Virginia.

A part of Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr since 1998, the office was founded in 1918 as Weinberg & Green, making it one of the most long-established law offices in Maryland. The Baltimore office includes partners who have been highly rated in their fields of practice, and the broad range of services includes litigation, business and tax, estates and trusts, bankruptcy, employment law, insurance regulatory and transaction matters, real estate, and lobbying. The attorneys in the Baltimore office also are committed to service to the community through their roles as civic leaders and members of the boards of directors of a number of the most prominent charitable and civic organizations in the Baltimore area.

In the News

From the North via I-95

Follow I-95 through the Fort McHenry Tunnel (toll) to exit (I-395 North Downtown). After exiting, bear left, following signs to the Inner Harbor. Continue in the left or center lane. At the third light, make a right on Pratt Street. Follow Pratt Street five blocks to the Inner Harbor.

From the North via I-83

Follow I-83 South to the merger of I-83 South and I-695 West. Continue on I-695 West/I-83 South about one mile to exit 23-A (I-83 South Downtown). Proceed on I-83 South until the expressway ends at Exit 1 (Fayette Street), at which point the expressway becomes President Street. Turn right on Lombard Street. At the second light make a left onto Commerce St. Turn left onto Pratt St.

From the South

Via I-95 North: Follow I-95 North to Exit 53 (I-395 North, Downtown). Continue in the left or center lane. At the third light make a right on Pratt Street. Follow Pratt Street five blocks to the Inner Harbor.

From the West

Via I-70 East: Take I-70 East to exit 9 (I-695, Glen Burnie). Take I-695 to exit 11A (I-958 North Baltimore). Proceed on I-95 North to exit 53 (I-395 North Downtown). Continue in the left or center lane. At the third light, make a right onto Pratt Street. Follow Pratt Street five blocks to the Inner Harbor.

From the East

Take route 50 to route 97. Traveling North on route 97, follow signs to Baltimore. Continuing on Rt. 97 to I-695. Take I-695 West to I-95. Turn North following signs to Baltimore on I-95 to exit 53 (I-395 North Downtown). After exiting, bear left, following the signs to the Inner Harbor. Continue in the left or center lane. At the third light make a right onto Pratt Street. Follow Pratt Street five blocks to the Inner Harbor.

From Public Transportation

From a bus stop -
(300 W. Camden Street and S. Howard Street). Take S. Howard Street to Pratt Street. Turn right onto W. Pratt St. Continue straight on W. Pratt St. for approximately 10 blocks. (Cross over Hopkins Place/Sharp Street/Hanover Street/Charles Street /Light Street/Calvert Street/South Street/Commerce/Gay Street). 500 E. Pratt St. is on the left. 0.68 miles.
Subway -
Take metro to Shot Tower/Marketplace Stop. Once at Shot Tower Stop, exit the metro through the Market Street exit. Walk through the Market area (Port Discovery, Have a Nice Day Cafe), cross Lombard Street, and walk toward the harbor to Pratt Street; make a right on Pratt and walk about a block and a half. Our building is on the right.
Light Rail at Camden Yards -
Take the Convention Center Stop - Cross over Howard Street, make a right on Pratt Street, walk down 10 blocks and 500 E. Pratt is on your left, across the street from the National Aquarium.


Parking is available in the building garage. Garage entrances are located on Lombard, Gay and Market Streets. Exits are on Lombard and Gay.

Professionals in this office
Gianna J. Arnold
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8913 Email
Edward J. Baines
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8954 Email
Jacqueline A. Brooks
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8651 Email
Christopher C. Burns
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8681 Email
Maria Ellena Chavez-Ruark
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8797 Email
Daniel R. Chemers
Of Counsel
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8951 Email
Michael P. Cianfichi
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8709 Email
Harriet E. Cooperman
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8974 Email
Katrina J. Dennis
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8721 Email
Gary B. Eidelman
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8975 Email
Sherry H. Flax
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8784 Email
Geoffrey M. Gamble
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8848 Email
John J. Ghingher, III
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8748 Email
Jeffrey S. Glaser
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8712 Email
James E. Goodrich
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8759 Email
Jonathan A. Havens
Baltimore, Washington T: (410) 332-8757 Email
Paul M. Heylman
Baltimore, Washington T: (202) 342-3422 Email
Kathryn L. Hickey
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8865 Email
John B. Howard. Jr.
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8814 Email
Anne L. Johnson
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8837 Email
Laura L. Katz
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8804 Email
Kayleigh T. Keilty
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8919 Email
Toyja E. Kelley
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8689 Email
Robin D. Leone
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8794 Email
Barry F. Levin
Managing Partner
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8935 Email
Marissa P. Levy
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8817 Email
Michelle N. Lipkowitz
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8603 Email
Randall M. Lutz
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8614 Email
Howard R. Majev
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8714 Email
Howard B. Miller
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8716 Email
Charles O. Monk, II
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8668 Email
Eileen D. O'Brien
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8703 Email
Cathleen C. Opel
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8615 Email
Eric G. Orlinsky
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8687 Email
Marshall B. Paul
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8956 Email
Morgan N.G. Perna
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8918 Email
Thomas K. Prevas
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8683 Email
Gregory E. Rapisarda
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8963 Email
Donald A. Rea
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8680 Email
Jordan D. Rosenfeld
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8612 Email
Douglas A. Sampson
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8661 Email
Sheldon S. Satisky
Of Counsel
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8732 Email
Andrew H. Segall
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8622 Email
David T. Shafer
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8742 Email
Harry D. Shapiro
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8658 Email
Indira K. Sharma
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8621 Email
Mark A. Simanowith
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8625 Email
Dan R. Skowronski
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8675 Email
Jason M. St. John
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8898 Email
Nicholas C. Stewart
Baltimore, Washington T: (410) 332-8616 Email
Jillian K. Walton
Baltimore T: (410) 332-8908 Email